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Mental Health · Mom Life

It Hurts to Sit Down & That's a Good Thing

I feel I should start by saying this is not the post I had planned to post today. However, it is something I keep meaning to write about, so I figured I should write about it now before I forget (again). Current status of my life: sitting down is painful. This is not because of… Continue reading It Hurts to Sit Down & That's a Good Thing

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Streamlining My "Social" Life

New Year, New Me! Isn't that how the saying goes? Every January brings the flurry of resolutions and reflections on our lives and how we can improve them. I admit, I am no different than anyone else in doing this, but not because it's the start of the new year. I tend to reevaluate my… Continue reading Streamlining My "Social" Life

Mom Life

Happy New Year-10 Years Later

I got a really cool new journal with writing prompts recently and the prompt for today was "Write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future". Very fitting for New Years Eve, as we wind down not just another year, but another decade. I thought I'd share my answer here since it also sets… Continue reading Happy New Year-10 Years Later


Winter Break Detox

The best thing about being married to a teacher is the breaks. Now since Hubby is also an admin as well as a music teacher for a music school he doesn't get summers off, but he does get a break around Easter and Christmas. Which means this year he's off for two whole weeks since… Continue reading Winter Break Detox