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Mom’s Favorites-An InstaPot Review

First a note: mu apologies for the delay in posting…we’ve been having internet issues that still aren’t resolved, but are temporarily fixed-for now at least! Here’s hoping it’s permanently fixed soon! In the meantime-get ready for some new recipes and my first review of my favorite new gadget!

Remember when I posted my gift guide for Mother’s Day? Well, apparently it worked, because my husband and kids surprised me that morning with my very own InstaPot! And perfect timing too, as my crockpot was starting to show it’s age (mine is at least seven years old…and I use it weekly!). I was super excited to test it out, and I’m happy to say that this is one gadget that lives up to the hype.

So far we’ve made meatloaf, hard-boiled eggs, my own tomato sauce, meatballs, refried beans, and a freezer staple in our house-chicken, rice and beans. More details on each dish below:

Meatloaf: I used this recipe and my family adored it. I normally make my meatloaf with ground turkey and capers, so I’m interested in trying that out using the tinfoil “pan”, which worked great.

Hard-boiled Eggs: Our family loves eggs in any form, so when we had a craving for egg salad one day for lunch and I didn’t want to babysit the pot in the kitchen, I found the 5-5-5 method (cook for five minutes, cool for five minutes, ice bath for five minutes) and even The Maestro could peel these eggs with ease. I know people who make a whole dozen at a time to keep in the fridge for food prep, and I may just do that now summer is here and my kids will be begging me for snacks every hour on the hour.

Tomato Sauce: I decided to take the “slow cook” feature for a spin using my own recipe. I’m happy to say my family still ate it up with gusto. The ability for the InstaPot to also act a slow-cooker was a big draw-and a reason we waited so long to get one-our slow cooker worked great! Looking forward to trying other slow-cooker recipes soon!

Meatballs: Confession: While I do know how to make my own meatballs, I usually cheat and by the pre-made ones I find in my meat section. These are made with the same ingredients as my own, and my family loves them. They are also a shortcut when I’m in a hurry or we have a day where I can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking dinner. That is, if I remember to pull them out of the freezer in time. Until now that is. One day last week, we had a super busy day and an evening event and I knew I’d have zero time to cook. So of course I forgot to take the meatballs out of the freezer. I decided to try throwing them frozen in the InstaPot and they cooked up beautifully. My hubby even told me he preferred them cooked this way than the traditional way!

Refried Beans: For our family, Mexican is a regular favorite. Hubby has this fantastic salsa fresca he makes, we love to experiment with different meats and cooking methods, but refried beans are always a must. So I was super excited to find a recipe for them using the InstaPot. Again, the verdict was a solid yes. And a request I make them again-next week!

Chicken, Rice and Beans: I don’t know which fellow mom once blogged about rice and beans being a staple for her family’s diet, but I do remember trying it and having it change my work-from-home life. I’ll be sharing the recipe for this in a future post, but making it in the InstaPot saved me dishes and made the entire process easier.

Bottom line? I’m in love with my InstaPot and this has quickly replaced my rice cooker, slow cooker, and added a new tool to my kitchen, which makes this busy mama very happy. I highly recommend the InstaPot and stay tuned for more recipes coming soon!

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