Mom Life

Solo Parenting-The Highs and Lows

Music Man has been away this past week for work so that means I’ve been reliving my single parenting days of three years ago of trying to work, keep the house in order, and basically keep everyone alive. And it hasn’t been easy. AT ALL. In some ways, that is…other ways, it’s been a lot easier.

The girls are with their dad, with the Elder working hard at her first summer job (my baby is growing up!) and the Younger spending the summer at her father’s house. Which means it’s just me and the Maestro, along with the pets. But at least their in cages so it should be easier, yes? Yes?

No! It hasn’t been easier. Sure there have been some fun moments-like when we made cookies at 7:00 o’clock at night, because he took a late nap. And making those cookies ended up in a music lesson on rhythms as we banged along to music and I discovered my son has excellent timing, just like his mama (maybe instead of being a violinist he will be a drummer like his great-grandfather!). But there have also been some rough times, like vacuuming up graham crackers that got crushed into the carpet, or chasing the chinchilla around the kitchen after someone (re: the toddler) opened the cage and she climbed/jumped out while I was down the hall switching laundry.

Did I mention I was on the phone with my husband when this happened? I literally had to hang up the phone to go chase a rodent around my kitchen and then when I caught her, had to stop her from electrocuted herself on my headset that was around my neck. After I got her back in the cage, the Maestro tried to tell me that he wasn’t the one that opened the cage…but sorry buddy-your sisters aren’t home for you to blame for this one.

I can laugh about it now, but in the moment it was stressful as all get out, and made me wish I had my partner home to help corral these animals (including the toddler). However it’s also been super easy this week with only one other person home, especially since that person is the only person who willingly helps clean up.

There has been significantly less dishes-I finally loaded the dishwasher yesterday after we made soup, grilled cheese, cookies, and it’s still not 100% full. Our trash cans were only half full on trash day-and I had help pulling the cans up from the curb. The Maestro has been helping gather laundry (also significantly less) and ran the carpet sweeper several times to pick up the crumbs he’s spilled. I’ve gotten loads of work done, as there are fewer interruptions and haven’t had to compromise on the television once. I haven’t had to cook a full meal once, thanks to me cooking and prepping a bunch of meals for me in advance and the Maestro going through a “snack for dinner” phase that usually means fruit and crackers and the occasional grilled cheese (I did attempt to make mac and cheese…but that was an epic FAIL).

I know this week will come to an end and things will go back to normal in a couple of days, but I admit I’m liking the quiet of only having one child and no other adults around. At the same time it will be nice to have some help, and I do love my husband so of course I want him to come home. Because solo parenting isn’t that easy at all, in any case.

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