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First a warning: this picture below is unfiltered, raw, not-wearing-a-bit-of-makeup. Me currently: What you can see: ✔️ Dirty hair pulled back into a messy bun. ✔️Bags and circles so deep I'm convinced I have two canyons under my eyes. ✔️Glasses on barely hiding my itchy, watery eyes. ✔️Ratty old men's sweatshirt I may have picked… Continue reading #MomCold

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For Those Babies We Never Held

So last night hubby and I did something we've been talking about since March. Look: Yep, we got matching tattoos. As you can tell, I already have ink. This marks number 6 for me, but for Music Man it's his first. We didn't plan to get this tattoo...but did decide to get something that involved… Continue reading For Those Babies We Never Held