Mom Life


First a warning: this picture below is unfiltered, raw, not-wearing-a-bit-of-makeup.

Me currently:

  • What you can see:
  • ✔️ Dirty hair pulled back into a messy bun.
  • ✔️Bags and circles so deep I’m convinced I have two canyons under my eyes.
  • ✔️Glasses on barely hiding my itchy, watery eyes.
  • ✔️Ratty old men’s sweatshirt I may have picked up on clearance for $3 and proceeded to cut a “V” into the neck.
  • ✔️Nails that are no longer chipped, because I made myself get a long overdue manicure but went to a new place and they didn’t do that great a job (and charged me more than my usual guys).
  • What you cannot see:
  • ✔️Nose and sinuses so congested breathing is a challenge.
  • ✔️Sore throat and mouth covered in cold sores which is a reaction to the antibiotic that I was put on.
  • ✔️The fact I have no voice, not even a whisper because if I do try it feels like I’m swallowing fire.
  • ✔️The fact I haven’t slept for more than an hour at a time since Thursday night-though the under eye bags are a kinda giveaway on that.
  • ✔️I also haven’t eaten a full meal since Monday night. The most I eat in a day is about half of I would normally eat for one meal. I have no appetite and again-it hurts to swallow. I’ve just focused on staying hydrated.
  • ✔️ The at least ten pounds I’ve lost in the last five days. At least something good has come of this!
  • I know they say “Moms don’t get sick days”, but this past week, this mom has had to take several sick days. Luckily I work with/for some amazing people who were completely onboard with me staying home and not sharing the germs.
  • And I have an amazing husband who stepped up, missed a bit of work himself to take care of me and the kiddos, and still played a concert Friday night before spending the weekend taking care of me.
  • I have a prescription and OTC drugs that I’ve been trying to take diligently until last night when my body said “ENOUGH WITH THE CHEMICALS!” I’m not one of those crunchy granola moms who never takes ibuprofen but I do try and avoid taking any medications regularly as my body seems to have weird reactions at times. As a matter of fact the best decongestant for me to to take is the one I’m highly allergic to.
  • (Insert gif of Alanis Morrisette singing “Ironic”.)
  • So after a rough night of my body saying “take one more pill, nasal spray or fizzy drink and I will never let you sleep again or not feel nauseous”, I spent most of today detoxing and taking stock of where I’m at.
  • Bad news: I’m not completely all better yet. I’m a very impatient person who hates getting sick so this is huge for me.
  • More bad news: my breathing and swallowing. Listen I use to be a singer. Breathing and swallowing are a big deal to me and I can even (normally-not now) do a circular breathing technique-which basically means I can sing/talk/exhale while inhaling fresh air at the same time. I never realized how much I relied on this skill until the past few days. And it sucks.
  • Good news: it’s not a bacterial infection. No green or yellow mucus or snot even before I was prescribed the antibiotic so I’ve stopped taking it since it was making me worse by giving me dozens of cold sores in my mouth, on my tongue and even in my throat. I’ve had this happen before and this is not a good thing-it’s actually one of the most painful things I’ve endured (yes worse than labor and childbirth) so the fact I’m slowly able to take a breath or swallow with slightly less pain is a good thing.
  • More good news: I also stopped taking the OTC pills and nasal spray he prescribed me and went back to the only ones I’ve ever found works for me. If Alka-Seltzer ever stops making their cold & flu tablets I’m screwed-same thing for Afrin No-Drip nasal spray (generics don’t work as well). I’m also relying on more natural remedies to help me feel better because I’d rather gargle saltwater and take shots of unfiltered ACV with raw honey than have my heart race like it did last night. I’ve lived in this body for 40 years next month and at this point I firmly believe I know best what’s for my body.
  • Best news of all: I’m not gonna die. No seriously, I am the worst sick patient which means my anxiety kicks into overdrive during times like this and the fact I was able to get out for a bit yesterday and get the laundry done today reminds me I’m am better than I was a few days ago and for that I’m grateful.
  • I’ve also spent waaaayyy to much time on YouTube but that is also a good thing as I’ve found lots of funny, uplifting and interesting videos and channels to watch. I’m always inspired by people’s resilience and handling situations a lot worse than a mom cold, so it’s helped me stay positive.
  • And luckily my two men have been more than understanding. My sweet baby boy the Maestro turned four in the midst of all this sick and even a cupcake emergency didn’t phase him. And Music Man has juggled his job, his gigs and keeping up with the house and pets like a pro. I tell you that man is practically a female at this point! 😉
  • Well almost. He’s not perfect but he has stepped up above and beyond and reminded me again why I love this man that willingly took on a woman with three crazy kids and all that brings. Since returning to work he and I have been more equally sharing the “homemaking” duties and I love how well we work together-even how the Maestro has made himself a part of the routine!
  • So as a new work week dawns and the #MomCold2019 hangs on, I’m focusing on the positives and not thinking too much about the negatives-like how KFC may have given us a free chocolate cake, but since I can’t taste anything anyways I’m not missing out by not having any! Win-win!
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