Winter Break Detox

The best thing about being married to a teacher is the breaks. Now since Hubby is also an admin as well as a music teacher for a music school he doesn’t get summers off, but he does get a break around Easter and Christmas. Which means this year he’s off for two whole weeks since Christmas and New Years both fall on a Wednesday.

And since he not only is off from teaching/admining (yes I just invented a new word) he is also almost completely off from performing, save the traditional New Years Eve gig (musicians: they play [music] when you play); hubby decided to use this time to detox from his one addiction: coffee.

Hubby is a self admitted coffee addict. He traditionally has two cups before he even leaves the house, and spends his work days inhaling more, courtesy of the coffee shop that is located right across the street from his office. And lately he has been inhaling it even more, as the end of the year is filled with late nights, early deadlines and the general stress we all feel this time of year. But he’s not the only one with an addiction: I also have an addiction.

Social media. Now part of it is my job: I am a social media expert who in the past has been paid by others to monitor and post to their business accounts. But right now everyone is taken care of, so I don’t really have an excuse to check Instagram and Facebook multiple times a day, except the memes that make me smile. However lately it was getting out of control. I was literally checking social media whenever I was bored and whenever I didn’t want to do something.

And so since Hubby decided to detox from his beloved coffee, I decided to detox from social media. For two weeks. Pray for both of us, and check back here to see how we do.

Day One: Well so far, so good. Hubby woke up, made breakfast and then promptly dozed on the sofa all morning. He finally declared the strong tea I usually drink every morning “absolutely useless” as a caffeine substitute but a cold shower seemed to do the trick. And yes it was a cold shower because he made snarky insults about my tea.

Another surprising result: the amount of stress drained off his body. As in muscles loosening, joints cracking and a super relaxed feeling washing over him. We talked about it and realized coffee wasn’t creating the stress, but it was making the daily stresses worse. Which makes sense since caffeine heightens the senses.

Day Two: Now I knew day two was going to be the worst day of them all, but even knowing that it was still a crappy day. Note to self: coffee detoxes should never be done when your husband is at the start of a two week break so all you can do is think “is this how the next two weeks are going to go?!?”. Long story short-it was a crappy day filled with lots of bickering from both of us as tried to figure out why exactly we were arguing. That’s right-we had an argument over why we were having an argument. We ended the night having a couple of serious heart to hearts and both of agreeing that the coffee detox should come to an end because as good as it is to go two weeks without coffee, it’s better to not want to strangle your spouse.

So the two week detox actually lasted two days. For hubby at least. I’m still staying away from social media, because I’m actually enjoying the break. Do I miss my memes and actual updates from the select few friends I have? Yes. But I can catch up. I don’t miss the political posts, inflammatory comments and random posts about stuff I don’t really need to know. So I’m gonna stick my detox out, and focus instead on the holidays and some projects I need to work on without the distractions of Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Holidays to my few readers and I hope your new year is filled with lots of good things.

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