A photograph of the photographer.

I’m a photographer, writer, maker, OCD, podcast-addicted mom who hates disorganization and loves the chaos that is my life. I also love naps.

In my life I’ve had a lot of different jobs, from fast food manager to barista to secretary to sales to recruiting to owning my own business. Every single one of those jobs has prepared me for my lifetime career of motherhood, something I never thought possible.

Today I spend my days working from home with various clients, coming up with healthier ways to feed my family, and trying to stay sane through all of it.

Family Photo 2
Is it too hard to everyone to smile and open their eyes???


Married to my very own “Music Man”, mom to “The Elder” and “The Younger” who are  our two teenage daughters (nicknames from when we only had the two of them), and our toddler son “The Maestro”*, who firmly thinks that he has better taste in music and cars than the rest of us. To say that these four keep me busy and drive me insane is an understatement, but they also keep me sane and filled with love. Even if they can’t all look at a camera, smile and open their eyes at the same time (seriously, I don’t have one. single. picture of them where someone isn’t messing up-argh!).

There is another person in our family that I don’t have a photo of: my ex-husband. We divorced when the Maestro was a baby, and now successfully manage to co-parent. My ex and current husband get along great, and my kids know they now have three parents. Which means they no longer out-number us. Ha!

*Names changed to protect the innocent guilty.


We eat a 90% gluten-free, reduced sugar, as much organic, processed-free diet with the occasional pizza night. We tend to make almost everything from scratch, and use alternatives to find healthier versions of our family favorites. We also love to cook. Which is a good thing, since finding ready-made meals that fit that requirement.


We believe in a “you do you” approach to life, which means we actively encourage our children to explore and find different opinions, lifestyles and to search for the good in everyone. Coming from classical music and theater backgrounds, we actively expose our children to different personalities and choices, and let them decide what they like. We never ever censor our kids when it comes to art and music, and actively avoid anyone who rejects anyone else. Concerts, shows, recitals, and events are an active part of our life. We believe love is love is love, the past should be respected and new innovations should be explored. Both Music Man and I love honoring our heritages and cultures while forming new traditions. Music Man is a violinist and music teacher, The Elder plays woodwinds and The Younger sings, dances and draws while The Maestro loves to conduct his family from his seat. I moved from the stage to behind the scenes, as volunteers and supporters are vitally important to making anything successful.


I started this website as a way to share bits of our lives-recipes we like, projects we work on, and creations we create, after being told for years I should run a lifestyle blog. I’m not big on telling others how to live their lives, but I do love sharing resources and recipes as finding new communities online has always been a joy to me. I will also be sharing thoughts and rants, but hey-it’s my site. I can do that!