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Just Say No to Tamiflu

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard this story already, but it bears repeating because this is something that I feel that strongly about. Last week, on Thursday, The Maestro woke up with a fever and nasal congestion. So he stayed home from Pre-K and I treated his fever with… Continue reading Just Say No to Tamiflu

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It Hurts to Sit Down & That’s a Good Thing

I feel I should start by saying this is not the post I had planned to post today. However, it is something I keep meaning to write about, so I figured I should write about it now before I forget (again). Current status of my life: sitting down is painful. This is not because of… Continue reading It Hurts to Sit Down & That’s a Good Thing

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For Those Babies We Never Held

So last night hubby and I did something we've been talking about since March. Look: Yep, we got matching tattoos. As you can tell, I already have ink. This marks number 6 for me, but for Music Man it's his first. We didn't plan to get this tattoo...but did decide to get something that involved… Continue reading For Those Babies We Never Held

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Some Days It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Since May is #MentalHealthAwareness Month, I thought I'd share something personal I'm going through right this moment. This moment, this day, I'm struggling. Struggling with depression, because I live with depression and there are some days it hits me harder than others. While talking to Music Man I realized that in my case, oftentimes my… Continue reading Some Days It’s Okay to Not Be Okay