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Hard Times, High Times

I may be showing my age here, but there is a song from the original Disney Channel movie "Newsies" (not the musical!) that is sung by the legendary Ann Margaret called "Hard Times, High Times". I don't know why it popped into my head this evening except it's a good way to describe my attitude...almost.… Continue reading Hard Times, High Times

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Sweet & Simple Chocolate Syrup

February is the perfect month to talk all things chocolate! As a matter of face, I propose we rename Valentine's Day "Chocolate Day", since that's the best part! Even though I've never had a big sweet tooth, I've always been a fan of chocolate! And apparently passed that onto The Maestro, who loves his chocolate… Continue reading Sweet & Simple Chocolate Syrup


Winter Break Detox

The best thing about being married to a teacher is the breaks. Now since Hubby is also an admin as well as a music teacher for a music school he doesn't get summers off, but he does get a break around Easter and Christmas. Which means this year he's off for two whole weeks since… Continue reading Winter Break Detox


What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day (It’s not too late!)

So I should probably preface this post by making two confessions: 1:My family sucks at getting me gifts I want. Like, really, really sucks. I realized this after my last birthday when nothing happened the way I would have wanted it to. So I started getting blunt and real and opened my big mouth a… Continue reading What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day (It’s not too late!)