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Happy New Year-10 Years Later

I got a really cool new journal with writing prompts recently and the prompt for today was "Write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future". Very fitting for New Years Eve, as we wind down not just another year, but another decade. I thought I'd share my answer here since it also sets… Continue reading Happy New Year-10 Years Later


Winter Break Detox

The best thing about being married to a teacher is the breaks. Now since Hubby is also an admin as well as a music teacher for a music school he doesn't get summers off, but he does get a break around Easter and Christmas. Which means this year he's off for two whole weeks since… Continue reading Winter Break Detox

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First a warning: this picture below is unfiltered, raw, not-wearing-a-bit-of-makeup. Me currently: What you can see: ✔️ Dirty hair pulled back into a messy bun. ✔️Bags and circles so deep I'm convinced I have two canyons under my eyes. ✔️Glasses on barely hiding my itchy, watery eyes. ✔️Ratty old men's sweatshirt I may have picked… Continue reading #MomCold

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For Those Babies We Never Held

So last night hubby and I did something we've been talking about since March. Look: Yep, we got matching tattoos. As you can tell, I already have ink. This marks number 6 for me, but for Music Man it's his first. We didn't plan to get this tattoo...but did decide to get something that involved… Continue reading For Those Babies We Never Held

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Balancing Act-How I Work and Stay Home

Four years ago, I made a bold decision to stop working outside my house, and start working from inside it. I had always volunteered for organizations and hosted several blogs and maintained social media pages for years (I was on social media before Facebook, cause I'm that old), however it was more of a hobby,… Continue reading Balancing Act-How I Work and Stay Home