Summer Salad-A Quick & Easy Recipe (with no cooking!)

Inspired by my produce drawer-a new quick and easy summer recipe!

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Fresh Lemonade-Cooking with Kids

Okay so last weekend it was 55 degrees and rainy. Not exactly Spring-like weather! Today, it's 90 degrees and humid and still not Spring, more like Summer. Oh well, it doesn't matter because with Memorial Day weekend upon us, I have all things summer and hot on the brain do my kids! My… Continue reading Fresh Lemonade-Cooking with Kids

Mom Life

To The Ones I Never Held

This Mother's Day I've decided to tackle a topic that isn't talked about a lot, and especially on this day: miscarriages. However, both my husband and I agree that we need to talk about this more and feel safe to share our stories. If you have been there, you know what I mean. So to… Continue reading To The Ones I Never Held

Mental Health

Some Days It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Since May is #MentalHealthAwareness Month, I thought I'd share something personal I'm going through right this moment. This moment, this day, I'm struggling. Struggling with depression, because I live with depression and there are some days it hits me harder than others. While talking to Music Man I realized that in my case, oftentimes my… Continue reading Some Days It’s Okay to Not Be Okay